My vision as ISK Leader for 2018 - 2020.

To reclaim the image of the surveying profession in Kenya and lead ISK to be a world-class and respected professional body for the benefit of members and the country.

Deliver Value to the Member.

Every member shall have pride in being a member of a strong and vibrant institution that gives value and advancement of surveying profession. To advance the welfare of members, I shall.

  • Provide Strategic Leadership to enable the institution be Responsive to members’ needs and aspirations.
  • Ensure Value for Money on our subscriptions, seminars and events.
  • Protecting the profession from encroachment by non-professionals operating in the industry by working with the regulators to weed out “quacks”

Securing the Future.

The future of the profession is under assault from within and without. I shall;

  • Champion A Strong Working Relationship with the relevant Parliamentary Select Committees and key stakeholders in the review and enactment of the Valuers Act, Surveyors Act, Estate Agents Act and Sectional Properties Act that underpin our practice
  • Registration of firms to weed out nonprofessionals in industry
  • Foster the Set Up and Resourcing of The ISK Training School with courses tailored to the needs of members and industry
  • Create and implementation of a CPD program based on learning outcomes. The current CPD is heavy on non-essentials such as attending meetings and subscriptions.
  • Institute a strong and functional disciplinary mechanism to protect the integrity and future of the profession
  • Promote adoption and implementation of Valuation Standards and development of standards in other disciplines
  • Increase the number of Licensed Land Surveyors to enhance professionalism.

Strong Collaborations and Partnerships.

We achieve more by working with stakeholders to advance our course.

  • Working with Government, regulatory bodies and Teaching Institutions to enhance the growth of the professions.
  • Partnering with other Real Estate/Property sector players towards common vision and missions for the industry.
  • Leading debate on sustainability in the built environment.

Making ISK World Class.

  • Champion the formation of an Africa Surveying Body. A regional and continental surveying association of professional bodies will give our members access to more opportunities as the continent open up.
  • Enforce a revamped code of ethics to safeguard the integrity of the profession.
  • Improve on the quality of publications and magazines.
  • Reengineer a robust Secretariat that values efficient and effective service delivery to all members and stakeholders in the industry.

Working Together. For Progress.

I shall lead a council to;

  • Work closely with Chapters and Branches to Enhance Participation and Visibility in the industry.
  • Develop and execute market initiatives to enhance ISK visibility through:
    1. ISK Real Estate Expos by 2019
    2. Annual Property Awards to firms and professionals
    3. Be the opinion leader in topical real estate issues